Our highly trained technicians can repair or upgrade every part of your boat's interior, including seat and vinyl repair, snap-in-carpeting, boat covers and biminis, as well as our detailing service and protective coatings.



Upholstery Repair/Restoration

We can repair damaged interior materials, or replace/restore your old, worn out materials to brand new, clean interior material.



Custom Boat Covers/Biminis

Our technicians have years of experience creating custom boat covers and Biminis for boats of all types and all sizes.



Detailing and Protective Coatings

Not only can we detail your boat to make it nook new again, we can also treat the boat with our ceramic protective coating, preventing damage.

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We Specialize in Marine Interiors

Just like cars, boat interiors can face extreme weather conditions like sun and moisture that cause the upholstery to crack, erode, and even fade away. In fact, your boat's interior and upholstery will usually be the first thing to fall apart, so maintaining your boat upholstery often will extend the years of enjoyment and worth of your marine vehicle. Because replacement of boat upholstery can be physically hard, you can count on Austin-Interiors to do the dirty work in a professional manner.

Whether you have a pontoon or speedboat, we can replace your boat seats and match your original upholstery with the same colors as the factory. Get started by filling out the form on the right, and a representative from Austin Interiors will respond to you shortly.


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Everything you need to restore your boat to new again.