Convertible Top Repair and Replacement

Convertible top life can be extended if the top is fitted and installed properly, spots that are wearing are caught and fixed early, and if periodic maintenance is performed. At Austin Auto Interiors, we offer:

  • Convertible top inspections. We will be glad to inspect your top to determine its condition, look for wear spots, and check fit and installation.
  • Repair of problems such as wear spots, small cuts, and fraying. Often a patch, new padding, or an adjustment of a pad will provide an economical repair that can postpone need for top replacement.
  • Perform periodic maintenance on tops, such as replacement of tension straps on BMWs.
  • Replacement of only part of the convertible top. If only the window or window curtain is damaged, the need to replace the complete convertible top may be alleviated.
  • Replacing your convertible top. If your top becomes so worn that it is beyond repair or is an eye sore, it will than your best decision will be to replace your top and or window.
  • If your convertible top is a cause for concern please visit us and we will be glad to inspect your top and discuss your options with you.