Headliner Replacement

Flip down DVD monitors, Cigarette burn repairs, Water damage repairs – what do these things have in common? They are all reasons you might have for replacing the headliner in your vehicles. They are also all services that Austin Interiors can provide. Sometimes you may just need to replace the headliner from wear and tear. Maybe you need an upgrade or maybe it is simply to restore it to its original glory. Whatever the reason, we can help.

Suede, vinyl, leather, or velour- Headliner Replacements by Austin Interiors in Round Rock, Texas is your one stop spot for Custom Headliners! Whether matching a new paint job or installing custom electronics, we can help. Cigarette smoke, water and moisture from flood damage, wind damage, and just day to day wear and tear will cause the adhesives and foams in you vehicle’s headliner to breakdown and give out. However, through Austin Interiors’ auto headliner replacements and custom headliners you can have your vehicle in tip top shape. Whatever your needs, cigarette burns to sagging headliners, Austin Auto Interiors is your local Austin source for vehicle restorations.

Check out these headliners:

Most normal body shops won’t touch headliner repairs. They do not have the skills and the know how to perform this service. But Austin Auto Interiors can! Our technicians are highly trained for just this purpose. Headliner damage or wear and tear is not usually replacement worthy interior damage, but when it is, why not let our highly skilled staff assist you with all of your headliner needs! Call or visit our convenient location in Round Rock for more information. No appointment necessary.

Why do headliners sag?

– A headliner consists of 1/4 inch foam bonded to felt or cloth which is attached to a rigid backer board. Over time, the foam will disintegrate causing the felt to drop. Headliners last for 6–10 years.