Seat Heaters

Very popular in the winter months—yes, even in Texas.

Available to be installed on most vehicles with factory leather or cloth, and, of course, our leather interiors.

Very safe and reliable, equipped with a hi/lo switch to control your comfort.

  • Can be installed on any vehicle
  • Includes two seat heater pads, one for seat cushion and the other for backrest
  • Professional installation, including: harness, wire ties, switch and elements.
  • Stranded wire is insulated to increase durability and improve electrical safety
  • Quality tested for trouble-free installation and performance

Please contact us for specific product information and for a price quote.

Seat Coolers

Seat climate technology: We set tomorrow's standards for comfort.

We offer a complete suite of thermal technologies for all-season comfort. Our seat climate technology delivers a pleasant microclimate, preventing heat from accumulating between the seat and passengers during hot days and delivering a cozy, warm riding environment during the cooler times of the year.

We offer base systems that use a simple blower or a heat mat or a combination of the two. Our more sophisticated systems include thermoelectric technology to provide added cooling and the flexibility of pre-conditioning and variable temperature control of the seat.

To provide uniform heating and cooling of the seat, we optimize air distribution. Our fans are designed for the seat environment, providing airflow performance while minimizing noise and vibration, and like our partners and customers, we’re focused on energy efficiency. We’re constantly improving our systems for minimal energy usage while continuing to deliver thermal comfort.

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